Jätsiabi is a fun blue car, which comes with joy and music to bring you the best ice cream whereever you need it the most. Jätsiabi cars have their regular routes from May to September in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Pärnu and Tartumaa, but you can also order Jätsiabi to your party.

JETI ice creams in a waffle cup: chocolate, vanilla with chocolate chips, toffee with toffee filling.

VANILLA NINJA: vanilla and chocolate.

KOOREJÄÄTIS in a waffle: vanilla, chocolate, banana, wildberry, vanilla-dairy ice cream with caramel chips and vanilla-dairy ice cream with chocolate chips.

SUUR KOOREJÄÄTIS waffle cup- caramel cream ice-nut waffle cup and chocolate ice cream with cherry preserves.

Onu Eskimo: banana dairy ice cream with glaze and vanilla dairy ice cream with glaze.

RAKS ice cream with cookie- chocolate and vanilla ice cream with cookies.

BIG RAKS: strawberry- cream ice cream with cookies in yoghurt coating and vanilla cream ice cream with cookies in almond-choc.glaze.

RAKS waffle roll: vanilla dairy ice cream in wafer roll and chocolate cream ice cream in wafer roll.

LIMBO ROCKY: Pineapple-orange-strawberry fruitice

LIMBO ROCKET: Orange- pineapple-strawberry-kiwi fruitice

FITNESS yoghurt ice cream: strawberry yoghurt ice cream with strawberry pieces, wildberry yoghurt ice cream.

BATMAN: banana dairy ice cream with glaze and vanilla dairy ice cream with glaz.


ONU ESKIMO 1L: vanilla and banana.