AS Balbiino was founded in 1995, is entirely based on Estonian capital and is owned by NG Investeeringud. The Domestic market of AS Balbiino is Estonia. The company actively exports to Finland: exporting experience is also currently being gathered in the Swedish and German markets.

Production of ice cream began in 1996. The first sales took place on July 9th 1996. The first Balbiino product was a type of family ice cream available in 0.5 and 1 litre carton packages, which was later packaged in plastic boxes for consumer convenience. In Christmas 1996, Balbiino launched Estonia’s first line of ice cream cakes, which were also awarded the title of Estonian best dairy product in 1997.

At the beginning of 1997, Balbiino started to produce stick ice creams and popsicles the sales volume of which significantly increased in summer months. In the summer of the same year, Balbiino launched the waffle-cone ice cream “Vurr” which immediately became extremely popular among consumers. In 1997, AS Balbiino produced approximately 814,000 ice creams and turnover stood at 84.8 million kroons. In 1998, Balbiino launched the ice cream product called “Grosso” which was Estonia’s first ice cream produced on an extruder line.

In 1999, Balbiino had already sold 2410 tonnes of ice cream and turnover had increased to 106 million kroons. This was followed by active years of growth during which many new products which later became well-known and loved among people were launched on the market: waffle-cup ice cream TOPs, MaxiTops, cookie ice cream Raks, Dixi yogurt ice creams, Vanilla Ninja dairy ice cream, and many others.

Since 1998, in addition to ice cream production,one of Balbiino’s main businesses has been the import and sale of frozen products. It was Balbiino which launched the first ever series of frozen vegetables in Estonia with the “Härmavili” range. Today Balbiino sells a wide range of frozen products by manufacturers well known both in Estonia and Europe. Active product development continues within Balbiino’s own trademarks of frozen products: “Härmavili”, “Culinare” and “Marine”.

The changes that have taken place up to nowadys indicate the continuous growth and active product development of Balbiino. Altogether, 32 different ice cream products have been launched on the market  in 2012 and seen renewable sales, including Onu Eskimo, Batman, renewed Raks, new Koorejäätis products and others.

The slogans of Balbiino from various periods of time:

“Ice Cream that Warms Your Heart”
“Balbiino – Good Estonian Ice Creams”
“Let’s Turn Life Sweet!”
“The Right to the Best Ice Cream – Balbiino!”, used since 2010.
“Ice Cream that melts your heart – Balbiino!” used since 2013.