Balbiino – an Estonian ice cream producer with traditions

AS Balbiino is one of Estonia’s biggest ice-cream producers based entirely on Estonian capital whose mission is to produce the best Estonian ice-cream made from real cream. As the only Estonian ice-cream producer, Balbiino is the one possessing the international BRC (British Retail Consortium) certificate, indicating conformity with the most stringent food safety requirements and stable quality. As a real expert in the frozen sector, Balbiino also provides a logistics service, involving chilled and frozen goods, to other companies.

Balbiino—Estonia’s traditional favourite flavours

As is fitting for an Estonian company, none of Balbiino’s cream ice-creams made from genuine Estonian cream contain preservatives, or artificial colors and flavorings. Balbiino’s product development always has health benefits in mind, and for this reason, prefers natural added ingredients, such as jams, nuts and raisins.

Balbiino’s ice-cream tradition rests on the legacy of famed master ice-cream maker Evald Rooma. Evald Rooma’s evolution into the founding father of Estonian ice-cream began as early as 1932 when he produced his first large batch of ice-cream for the Tartu Song Festival.  Evald Rooma became the legendary and beloved Uncle Eskimo, who personally chose Balbiino to carry on his recipes and ice-cream legacy. The new generations of Balbiino’s ice-cream, made according to Uncle Eskimo’s tips, will forever retain the unique touch and flavour of Estonia’s first period of independence.

An Estonian company and a dedicated team

Founded in 1995, AS Balbiino is a company based entirely on Estonian capital and owned by the NG Investeeringud group of companies, providing employment to more than 200 people; approximately 300 in the summer.

Balbiino’s team aims to be a good business partner who is characterised by professionalism, expertise and being results-oriented and keeping to agreements and deadlines.

Recognised and high-quality

Balbiino’s output, handling procedures and services meet the highest safety and quality requirements set for the food industry. Balbiino is the only Estonian ice-cream producer to have been awarded an international food safety and quality management certificate by BRC (British Retail Consortium).

In 2014, Balbiino’s vanilla cream ice-cream with orange filling and glaze Jäämurdja was awarded a title for Estonian Best Dessert.

Importer of healthy frozen food

In addition to producing ice-cream and as a real expert in the frozen sector, Balbiino engages in the import and sale of chilled and frozen goods. It has long been proven that freezing ensures the preservation of vitamins in vegetables and berries mostly better than the so-called fresh products, because of the long transport chain, and the transport, warehousing and storage of vegetables and berries, the quantity of vitamins decreases significantly with every day. As a result, Balbiino is expanding its range of frozen vegetables, berries, culinary preparation, fish, seafood, and meat. AS Balbiino markets brands’ Farm Frites, Fritar, Bonduelle, Marjamaa talu, Saare Fishexport products, and many other frozen products. In addition, Balbiino owns Härmavilja and Marine trademarks.