Jätsiabi is a fun blue car, which comes with joy and music to bring you the best ice cream whereever you need it the most.

Jätsiabi cars have their regular routes from May to September in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Pärnu and Tartumaa, but you can also order Jätsiabi to your party.

Jätsiabi devlivery bring ice cream home

Sometimes miracles happen. Just when you feel strong appetite for ice cream, a colourful car bpacked full of ice cream, turns to your street accompanied with joyful music. Since the purpose of Jätsiabi is to bring joy to every family, there may occur deviations from the time schedule.

Jätsiabi ice cream prices starts 1,50-3 EUR and 1-litre family ice cream 4,5 EUR.

Range of products:

  • KOOREJÄÄTIS waffle cone: chocolate-dairy ice cream, goosberry-dairy ice cream, banana-dairy ice cream; 200ml.
  • KOOREJÄÄTIS waffle cup: vanillia-dairy, chocolate-dairy, caramel ice-cream; 125ml.
  • ONU ESKIMO EV100 waffle cone:  vanilla cream ice cream,   chocolate cream ice cream with chocolate pices and caramel cream ice cream with caramel pieces; 200ml.
  • GOURMET CLUB: chocolate truffle ice cream with orange confiture, pavlova ice cream with lemon curd and strawberry, pitstachio ice cream with croquant pieces; 150ml.
  • SALME JUMPS waffle cone: vanilla, vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chips, chocolate ice-cream with cherry filling and caramel ice-cream with nut cream filling; 200ml.
  • CLASSIC ice cream stick: coffee cream ice cream with liqueur “Vana Tallinn” coated with dark Belgian chocolate, mint ice cream with mint-chocolate filling coated with dark Belgian chocolate, 120ml.
  • CLASSIC waffle cone: coffee ice-cream with “Vana-Tallinn” liqueur filling; 150ml. 
  • ONU ESKIMO ice cream stick with glaze: vanilla dairy ice cream and banana dairy ice cream; 110ml.
  • KOORE ice cream stick: vanilla-dairy ice cream and chocolate-dairy ice cream; 90ml.
  • RAKS with cookies: vanilla cream ice with cookies, peppermint ice-cream with coca cookies and banana ice-cream with cookies, 110ml.
  • RAKS in waffle roll: vanilla; 110ml.
  • VANILLA NINJA  ice cream stick with glaze: vanilla-dairy ice cream with glaze and chocolate cream ice cream with glaze; 110ml.
  • VANILLA NINJA waffle cone: vanilla dairy ice cream, 150ml. 
  • SMUUTIKE ice cream stick: mango sorbet, raspberry sorbet, coconut-lemon; 65ml.
  • LIMBO ROCKY frozen fruit juice: orange, strawberry, pineapple and kiwi flavor, 65ml.
  • SILLY ZEBRA frozen fruit juice: pineapple, strawberry and cola flavored popsicle; 40ml.
  • DRAAKON ice cream stick: strawberry-fruit sorbet ice cream,  pear and strawberry sorbet; 100 ml.
  • ONU ESKIMO: vanilla cream ice cream, banana cream ice cream,  raspberry dairy ice cream and chocolate ice-cream with chocolate chips; 1L.
  • HÄRMAVILI: minced meat pizza and ham pizza; 340g.
  • JÄÄKUUBIKUD: ice cubes 1kg.
  • JÄTSKIAUTO: banana dairy ice cream with cookies 8x110ml and lactose free blueberry cream ice cream 6x125ml.

Jätsiabi ice cream truck can also subscribe to events. Ordering Jätsiabi to events are free if purchased at least 40 ice cream!

Jätsiabi orders can be submitted by e-mail