How Ice Cream Is Made?

Ice cream is a food product which has a high nutritional value and is well metabolised by the human organism. It is prepared by whipping and freezing special mixtures at the same time. Ice cream production technology includes two main stages: preparing the ice cream mixture and producing ice cream from that mixture.

Preparation of an ice cream mixture

consists of seven different stages – from receiving the raw material to preserving the ice cream mixture for starting production:

  1. receiving the raw material;
  2. preparing the raw material for production;
  3. preparing the ice cream mixture – “dosing” (see below) and mixing raw materials, or weighing and mixing the correct raw material quantities in a special container;
  4. pasteurisation or heat-treatment of the ice cream mixture;
  5. homogenisation of the ice cream mixture, or crushing little pellets of milk fat under great pressure;
  6. cooling the ice cream mixture;
  7. preserving the ice cream mixture until the beginning of the production process.


To produce ice cream

from the ice cream mixture The following steps have to be taken :

  1. freezing the ice cream mixture or, in other words, whipping and freezing the ice cream mixture at the same time to receive ice cream;
  2. adding special ingredients to the ice cream – e.g. jam, chocolate, etc;
  3. “dosing” the ice cream, in other words measuring or determining the portions of ice cream;
  4. hardening or freezing the ice cream;
  5. packaging the ice cream;
  6. storing the ice cream.

Packaging, Dosing, and Shaping Ice Cream

Ice cream can be dosed in waffle-cups, waffle-cones, or plastic and carton boxes of different sizes and shapes. For producing stick ice cream, the ice cream mass is dosed on special plates or ice cream moulds. After dosing, ice creams are directed to the freezing tunnel for hardening. After hardening the ice cream, products are packaged into single or multi-packages. Stick ice creams can also be covered with glaze before packaging. Glazes with various tastes and ingredients are used in ice cream production. Chocolate and berry-tasting glazes are undoubtedly the most popular.

Preserving and Storing Ice Cream

After packaging the ice cream in multi-packages, the end product is sent to the refrigeration plant where it is preserved at -24 °C. An uninterrupted cold chain is ensured in the production and storing process of Balbiino ice cream.