NG Investeeringud OÜ is Estonian investment and holding company established in 1994. Our group companies operate in three business segments – trade, industry and real estate.

NG Investeeringud group comprises retail trade businesses Tallinn Department Store (Tallinna Kaubamaja) and Tartu Department Store (Tartu Kaubamaja), supermarket chain Selver, leather and footwear brand stores ABC King and SHU, beauty stores I.L.U. , security company Viking Security and also car sales and service businesses KIA Auto and Viking Motors. The group also involves industrial companies Liviko, Kitman Thulema, Balbiino; and real estate companies Roseni Majad, Roseni Kinnisvara and Tallinna Kaubamaja Kinnisvara.

In 2019 NG Investeeringud group audited consolidated sales revenue totalled 873 million euros.
The corporate average number of employees was nearly 5000 people.