See you in the summer of 2024!

From May until September, Jätsiabi’s cars drive in all weather conditions in Tallinn and its surrounding areas, Pärnu and its surrounding areas, as well as Tartu and Tartu County, in the private residential areas.

See you soon!

Order Jätsiabi!

Jätsiabi is a great ice cream truck that comes to your event with a cool song. Please order at least 1 week before the event!

Ordering Jätsiabi for children’s events is open for 2024!


Where the appetite for ice cream is greatest, there Jätsiabi is the closest!
If you want Jätsiabi to stop in front of your house, ask the Jätsiabi driver for a great ticket for 1 euro.

Hang it on your garden or house so that Jätsiabi can always bring joy to your family.

Riputa see oma aia või maja külge, et Jätsiabi saaks sinu perele alati rõõmu valmistada.


In order to make you happy, we are waiting for your honest feedback to Jätsiab. What I liked and what I immediately really, really liked.
Constructive criticism is also welcome. We will learn from it with pleasure!

Please give us feedback on how satisfied you were with the service so that we can plan the next season better.