Balbiino Sponsorship

Balbiino supports children’s sports in particular.
In addition, we have supported a variety of Estonian orphanages and activities for people with disabilities to make their days sweeter.

One of the primary values of Balbiino is quality, so we put a lot of emphasis on quality, and this is also the basis for choosing sponsorship projects. The amount of the grant depends on the objective of the particular project and the possibilities of Balbiino at the current moment. We do not generally provide financial support; we support with products and souvenirs as much as possible.
If you would like to submit a sponsorship application to AS Balbiino, please make sure that your project contains the following:

  •  informative and brief presentation of the project (purpose, background, chronology, etc.)
  • expected number of participants
  • what are the expectations to the sponsor (items/products and quantity)?
  • a precise and clear overview of whom the items/ products are going to go
  • a specific media plan and a plan for how the sponsors will be presented
  • other sponsors/partners involved in the project, their role in the project
  • whether and what are the opportunities for cooperation in the long run
  • whether and what opportunities are available for selling Balbiino products
  • what opportunities are available for the sponsor to promote itself in the framework of the project

We expect written requests electronically to or mail to the Marketing Department at Viljandi mnt 26, 11217 Tallinn

We will review all properly completed applications, and we will inform the applicants about our decision.
Together we can do mor!